Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team

Ronald Galea
Chief Executive Officer

In 1990 Ronald was the prime mover to open the first residential home in the community for persons with special needs.  Today Fondazzjoni Wens has 3 residential homes for 43 residents. 

From 1990 to 2022 Ronald was the Executive Secretary of the Board of Administrators.

In September 2022 he was given the role of CEO and does not form part of the Board.

Sylvana Piscopo
Manager Operations & Standards

Sylvana started her career as an educator and then moved on to human resource management and general management.  She worked in both state and church schools, social care agencies and in the private sector, occupying various management and leadership positions.  In 2020 she moved to the voluntary sector when she joined Fondazzjoni Wens and is the Manager responsible for the Operations and Standards.

Ivo Galea
Manager Admin & Support Services

Ivo first joined the organisation 20 years ago, providing payroll and booking services.  Since 2021 Ivo provides Administrative, Financial, Payroll and Information Technology Services.

Ivo has a master’s in information technology and management from Sheffield Hallam University obtained in 2020.